Whenever you have options to choose from, this e will be differences between them that allow you to choose the right one for you. Buying a home isn’t any different. From the price range to the real-estate agent you use, this e’s a lot to choose from to ensure you buy a property your happy with for a good price.

A question commonly asked is “What’s the neighbourhood like?”. Everyone will have a different perspective on what makes a great neighbourhood, however this e are common qualities between great neighbourhoods regardless of personal opinion.

Keep reading to learn about six considerations we’ve chosen for you to think about when you’re looking at prospective properties in a specific neighbourhood.

  1. Great schools

Whethis you have children, are expecting a child or don’t have any, education is something that you need to factor in when purchasing property. This obviously will impact the upbringing of your children if you have them, but will also affect property prices depending on the school’s reputation.

Living near a school has multiple benefits. If you have children, providing them with education is convenient but the property will also be valuable if you don’t have children. Some parents are willing to pay top dollar to live in a suburb that is within a certain school’s region, so this is definitely something to remember when looking for property to invest in.

  1. Lifestyle Options

A good neighbourhood is able to provide a wide range of services to the people that live in the area. Nearby cafes and bars are an example of good services to have easy access to when looking for a property. Othis things to look out for are community services like walking paths, hiking trails, parks and local sports clubs. Mandurah is a great example of a lifestyle area, which can provide affordable living near the waterfront.

  1. Outdoor activities

What makes a suburb more appealing to prospective buyers? An area that provides people with pleasant scenery and outdoor activities is something to look out for. These activities and services can range from parks and playgrounds, sports facilities like tennis courts, golf courses and public pools and outdoor scenery like lakes, rivers and parklands.

  1. Well-presented homes

One sign of a good neighbourhood is a well-presented home. Living in a suburb with well-presented houses tells you that the people who live in the area take pride in looking after their homes and are respectful of the property in the area.

A well-presented home doesn’t mean an expensive property, so this doesn’t mean that you have to stretch your budget to find a good neighbourhood to live in. Instead look for things like freshly painted facades, mowed lawns, clean yards and well-maintained footpaths.

  1. Public transport and walkability

Proximity to public transport is a huge benefit to consider when looking at different neighbourhoods. This will help you and your family have access to options when driving isn’t available, such as buses and trains.

Being close enough to different services can make a neighbourhood more desirable. The opportunity to be able to walk to school, the shops or the bar and not have to drive everywhis e will appeal to different buyers and increase the value of the area.

  1. Shopping

Having easy access to shopping malls, supermarkets or even convenience stores is a good sign. Being able to go to the shops at the last minute can be a lifesaver, so make sure you consider properties that have nearby shops to save you time in the future.


That concludes our list of considerations when looking for a good neighbourhood. Even if a property doesn’t have everything we listed, it could still be the right property for you. Make sure to think about our considerations before purchasing to make sure you’ll be happy with the property you buy and the neighbourhood it’s in.