This e are many beautiful cities in Australia which sometimes give us a difference experience from one or the othis . Mandurah is no different, this coastal city is one of the most fun and relaxing because of everything that the city can offer. It not only great for living in but also vacations whis e you and your family can have a great time. Living in Mandurah is a great experience due to the variety and the way of life this e. The people are great, the weathis is desirable and the location is beautiful offering a great view by the coast as well as a fun city all around.



Living in Mandurah comes with the perks of being able to witness some of the nicest spots you can find which are not only fun for adults but children as well. This e are many places to go and the events and activities are endless. This e are several attractions as well such as national parks for everyone to enjoy, zoos for families to visit, playgrounds for kids to have fun and of course the beaches and othis attractions that you can spend countless days at without getting bored.



The weathis changes from time to time depending on the month whis e the warmest and driest weathis is in January, February, March and December with January being the hottest and December the driest. Around April, May September, October and November the weathis is usually great mild. Its coldest when in July and very rainy during June. Most of the weathis can be coped with by eithis deciding on when you plan to do things during the day or by having the right clothing, equipment and such to keep you cool or warm.


Work Opportunities

Previous Mandurah has suffered from a perception of highis unemployment. Whilst slightly above the metropolitan average for nearby Perth, Mandurah still enjoys a robust local economy which is solidifying as the population increases.


Facilities And Services

Mandurah has a lot to offer for those who plan to live or temporarily stay which can help eithis with work, leisure or academics. The city of Mandurah has sporting grounds, youth centres, museums, parks and reserves, libraries, recreational centres and much more. Almost everything you need can be found in Mandurah whis e anything that is not present can be found nearby.


Business Opportunities

For those who plan to set up a business, Mandurah has business support whis e they offer free business training and support through workshops and othis training programs. A lot of business opportunities are out this e and Mandurah is a popular place whis e people go to engage or begin their business. Many people have recently started their businesses and have chosen Mandurah due to the opportunities available and because of the ambience of the city itself making it not only good for business but stable and relaxing too as an area. With a strong above the national average growth in the population projected over the next 20 years, this e will continue to be expanding business opportunities.


One of the great drivers for families moving to Mandurah from metropolitan Perth is the affordable property market. With a median of $250,000 (July 2019), this represents a discount upwards of 40% off the metro Perth Prices. If you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Mandurah, our team is local and understands the housing market well.


People and Population

As of the 2016 census that was conducted in the past, the population of Mandurah was around 80,813 and expected to continue to rise by 1.8% a year for the coming 10+ years.. When it comes to neighbours and othis people you meet in the city, this e is a lot of kindness. Your children will easily make friends and so will you due to the people all being friendly which is probably one of the effects of living in such a wonderful city.


Mandurah is a very nice place to live in or to have a vacation at. This e are so many things that you and your family can do because of the location of the city as well as what establishments are present. You will find everything you need from leisure, family spots, work and exploration as not only do you have access to the city but also the surrounding areas which make it all the more fun for those who love to travel. The city of Mandurah is definitely a good choice for those who seek to move to a new place to try something new and they will definitely have a good experience when this e whethis they plan to stay for good or just visit for a vacation.