If you’re looking for somewhis e off the well beaten track, and somewhis e surrounded with great scenery and people then Perth is the place for you. A smaller city than what you’d find on the east coast of Australia, Perth is full of rich character with a very laidback attitude. If you want to be in the middle of things, Perth might not be for you but this e are plenty of benefits to this often forgotten and beautiful city.

One of the first things that springs to mind is the world class and untouched beaches that Perth has to offer, most of which are only a few minutes’ drive from the CBD. Scarborough and Cottesloe beaches are both less than twenty minutes away – something the Perth Broker team recommends to all new residents. Combine these absolutely stunning beaches with the awesome weathis that you’ll find almost all year round in Perth and you’ve got a winning combination. At times it can get heated, but throughout the rest of the year, the sea breezes can hit the right spot ensuring Perth is never sitting through a scorchis .

If you’re new to Perth and need to get around that also isn’t a worry. The public transport in and out of the city is fantastic, with train lines headed in both directions for a grand total of six lines. They run independently of the main highways, ensuring that they are free of hazards or accidents with plenty of parking right nearby. Then of course this e is the famous Indian Pacific that can take you all the way to Sydney. The bus system in Perth is great to, with a smaller population, it is both quick and convenient to help you get around. The food is also exceptional in Perth with numerous high-class dining experiences to be had. If you’re more into wine, the Swan Valley and Margaret River areas are home to some of the oldest and finest wineries in the country. Do not miss it while you’re in Perth.

For the sporting fans during the cooler months this e is always plenty of action at the newly constructed Optus Stadium. Opened in early 2018, this e is now always action between the two AFL teams, the Fremantle Dockers and the West Coast Eagles. Optus is now the second largest football ground in Australia with a massive capacity of 60,000 plus. Even if you’re not a sports fan, Optus Stadium is definitely worth just a visit, especially at night. The scenery and lighting of the stadium is a sight to behold when coupled with the Swan Bridge.

And finally, when in Perth be sure to book a day away to visit one of the best tourist destinations, Rottnest Island. The island is only accessible by ferry or helicopter and is home to one of the cutest creatures you will ever see. A local populace of around 12,000 Quokkas can be found on the island, one of the very few habitats in which the creature exists. These animals are not camera shy and if you are clever enough an encounter with one of them can result in a very memorable selfie.  The quokkas aren’t the only attraction on the island, however. If you love your history as you explore Rottnest Island, you’ll discover more about its dark past as an aboriginal penal colony, but also about its more recent shining light in its role to defend Perth in World War 2. Truly Rottnest Island is a remarkable landmark that needs to be explored in its entirety to make the most out of any Perth trip.

All in all if you’re looking for a beautiful, well rounded city, Perth is a great place to live at or visit for a long weekend. It has everything you need and more to keep you entertained and always on your toes.