Over the years we have been introduced to several new ways to create a more sustainable environment to live in with ways to save on resources and cut costs of living. One of the best ways to conserve power is using solar energy which was created and is currently used for collecting energy from the sun to generate electricity. Although this was a huge breakthrough, another amazing innovation has been created, solar paint. Solar paint is another great innovation that has been created to allow us to generate energy in an attempt to further save resources and make living in a more efficient and sustainable world possible.

What Is Solar Paint

Solar paint is a type of paint created by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology which has a complaint that absorbs moisture but also uniquely has the properties of acting as a semi-conductor that splits water atoms into oxygen and hydrogen. Since there is moisture existing in the air around us, a wall painted with solar paint can produce hydrogen fuel.

How Does It Work

The solar paint which is coated on the wall will absorb moisture around it which is comparable to how solar panels would absorb sunlight for solar energy. Using the mixture that the solar paint is made up from, the H20 that is collected from the moisture is split into oxygen and hydrogen which is used for power cells. Because of the unique makeup of solar panel, using specialised painters will be required to apply the surfaces correctly. Sunbury painter Index Painting notes that it’s common for commercial and specialised painters to undergo product specific training to correctly use new paint and adhesive products, and solar paints will be no different.

Basically as long as there is moisture, the solar paint is capable of working and along with the presence of solar panels installed on a property as well, the possibilities of energy harnessed become greater. Regardless of the weather, there is always good chance for solar paint to be able to collect moisture to proceed with its function, notes Adelaide based solar specialists GreenBuild SA.

Benefits of Solar Paint

With the usage of solar paint, you are converting your walls inter what could be compared to solar panels that harvest energy in a different way. This becomes a whole new way to generate power that you may use for your home and may even go well together with solar panels meaning you can have multiple ways to conserve, create and store solar energy.

The more paint you use, the more energy you can generate so spreading paint along a huge building or home can collect only so much moisture and process this. This can be a great way to have a self-sustaining home, especially with other sources of electricity such as solar panels.

Once you apply this paint it will pretty much cut costs on electricity, saving you an amount to pay in bills or possibly more depending on how much paint is applied and how much moisture it gathers.

Solar Paint as an Investment

Many people are excited about the solar paint as it is an ingenious innovation and can make a huge difference when used. Not only will it allow you to generate your own energy but it if used in such a great quantity it could even begin to allow homes to sustain themselves on their own, possibly without other sources of power. It’s a dream for everyone to have a home that can sustain itself as the costs will go way down once this happens and the more innovations such as this that come, the better the chance of living and more efficient life and having a more sustainable home.


Although it is pricey at the moment and still in its starting phase, it is believed that in the future years, this innovation will make a huge change when it comes to conservation and it could be one of the keys to a less costly future and more sustainable lifestyle.