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Are you looking for a mortgage broker who can help you with your home loan needs? Jess Peletier is a local expert in Western Australia who can help you no matter where you are in the home ownership journey – whether you’re a first home buyer, buying an investment property, developing property or a business needing finance.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be a stressful time, but Jess has years of experience in helping first time buyers which makes the process as simple as possible for you. Jess helps all of her first home buyer clients understand how much deposit they need, stamp duty, how to complete all of the forms the banks require and how to take advantage of special first home buyer only discounts.

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Do you have a home you’re not completely satisfied with? Jess can review your home loan and let you know whether there are better options for you in the competitive lending market. Jess can also help you with reducing interest rates, repayments or paying off your home sooner. Refinancing your loan so it works better for you can help save your money or give you the money to renovate, buy a new car or go on holiday.

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Construction Loans

Applying for a construction loan can seem confusing, but with an experienced Perth based finance broker it doesn’t have to be. Jess can help you understand how construction finance works and help you with all of the paperwork required during the entire process. Not sure how progress payments work or how the builder is paid? All of Jess’ clients have access to her years of experience to handle the process and ensure your loan is setup correctly for when your house is complete.

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Are you looking for an experienced mortgage broker who is also an investor? Look no further, as Jess is an active property investor who specialises in helping investors finance multiple property purchases. With a broad range of investment friendly lenders, Jess can help you structure your lending as effectively as possible to protect your ability to buy more properties sooner.

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