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My name is Jess and I’m a mortgage broker based in Perth.

As a finance broker, I get to help my clients with buying their next home, refinancing existing home loans and give advice to make sure their loans are structured to suit their loan term goals, not the banks. With cost saving tips, I help my clients structure home loans which help allow them to pay off their loans sooner.

Working as a broker under one the most well known and high quality panels of lending institutions, I have access to a wide range of lenders and loan products to give you a broad range of loan options – much larger than most mortgage brokers in the industry.

Customer service is my number one priority, so with all of my clients you will receive ongoing updates on the progress of your loan application and I’m readily available by phone and email. I’m always happy to chat, so feel free to give me a call about your plans.

I’m also able to help with budgeting if you need that extra assistance in hitting your financial goals, and offer debt consolidation services to clients which require it.

Fundamentally my passion is to create a better home financing experience for borrowers in Perth.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Why you should choose Perth Broker

  • Honest Advice – Unlike going directly to a bank, Jess works for you, not the lender. She is dedicated to providing better outcomes for her clients so they can reach their financial goals sooner.

  • Seed Financial keeps it simple –  selecting loans, comparing interest rates, products, fees, features, lender policy requirements, employment requirements. You name it, Jess and the Seed Financial team know the in’s and out’s of lender policy and can find the right lender and loan to fit your needs.

  • Experience in the most difficult scenarios. Are you an investor, constructing a home, have previous bad credit or anything a little out of the ordinary? Jess has helped Perth clients across a broad range of experiences and can find a solution for you.

  • Choice. Unlike going to a bank, Jess and the Seed Financial team can provide you access to products across multiple lenders, giving you hundreds of options, instead of only what one lender can provide. This gives you more options to get approved, lower your fees and interest rate.

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