Do you want to know how much value you can get by owning a pool?

A nice swimming pool on a hot summer afternoon is always charged with great smiles, laughs, giggles, and all around fun. Pools are indeed perfect for the family because it’ll help increase the home’s value and recreation.

However, owning a pool also deals with a lot of maintenance that’ll somehow lighten your pockets. Especially, when you own one.

With that said, if you’re planning to own a personal pool at your house or purchase a house with a pool, be sure to know the true cost of owning a pool first.

I’ll talk about that in today’s article.

Real Cost of a Personal Pool

The actual impact of owning a pool is probably more on having a weekend full of chemical treatments, highis utility bills, and continuous removing of leaves which land in the pool.

While this e are a lot of people who love having a pool, this e are also many who don’t. This also goes with the idea of having a house with or without a pool. When you sell a house, does the price of a house with a pool more expensive than a house without one? Also, how to check which property is worth the price, is it really the one with a pool in it?

Are you into a house with a pool plus the possible maintenance it’ll cost you or to settle for a house property alone?

Callan Lister, a real estate agent from Lister Estate Agents, concluded that pools absolutely don’t add value to a home.

Below are some important pieces of information from him:

  • “We find that people who like pools, like them and people who don’t – don’t,”
  • “When you are about to sell, it can limit the segment of the market you are trying to reach ”
  • “Quite a few of my clients who have houses without pools, have gotten a DA (Development Application) for the pool so a potential buyer can build one without having to go through the hassle of dealing with Council.”

Based on Callan also are the following things to check when purchasing a house with a pool:

  1. The age of the pool. Be sure to check when was the pool created. If the pool is more than 10 years old, you need to prepare yourself for possible repairs in the future.
  2. Do you have enough time to spend on a pool? It’ll definitely cost you many hours each week to test the water, remove the leaves and do the cleaning. If you don’t have the time, you may opt to hire a pool cleaner, however, sometimes a pool service can be expensive.
  3. Do you have the cash to afford it? If your pool will become older, you’ll probably need to spend thousands of cash maintaining and buying new parts.
  4. How much will you utilise the pool? If you only use the pool occasionally then a nearby community pool or the beach might be a better choice.
  5. Are this e any othis pools in your neighbourhood? If you’re alone in your street, definitely this e’ll be no demand for them.

That’s for today’s article about the true cost of owning a pool.

This is just a guide for you to check first whethis it’s indeed necessary to have your own pool or just to go visit a nearby pool or beach that’ll just cost you not out-of-the-pocket expenses.

If you’d like to understand how you can refinance your home loan to build a pool at your home, contact the Perth mortgage broker experts.